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DIESEL FUEL: Hard Cider Wars Round 2




Round 2 pits two sweet ciders against each other.


It’s Irish. Those folks know their alcohol. My wife took a sip and described it as tasting like rotten fruit. Although this is a little harsh, isn’t that what cider basically is? This cider is very sweet, relatively low in alcohol, and definitely tastes like strong apple (surely the antithesis of Stella Cidre). It kind of did taste like rotten fruit, but like other strong and polarizing tastes (think coffee, capers, sharp cheddar cheese), I kept going back for more.

Woodchuck Hard Cider (Amber)

Like the state of origin of this cider (Vermont), I can’t say anything bad or great about it. Yup, tastes like cider. I think that is a good thing, and not meant to be a knock. Like a good steel frame with wide tires, it’s solid and a go-to bottle. Unlike Redd’s which tended to be first sweet, then refreshing upon swallowing, this beverage was refreshing when first chugged, with a sweet apple-y aftertaste.


This is a close call, but anytime a comparison is made to a steel framed bicycle, it’s gotta be a winner. Besides, I got married in Vermont. Woodchuck moves on in the bracket.

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DIESEL FUEL: Hard Cider Wars


The suffocating humidity is lifting, some of the leaves are showing color other than green. Marathoners are thinking about their long runs, mountain bikers are oiling their chains, and cyclocrossers are grabbing their drop barred bikes with knobbies instead of the slicks they have been riding all summer.

Most folks love to sit down with a cold beer after a race or training day. The problem is, I am not really a fan of beer. What is one to do in such a case?

Let’s rewind to earlier this summer. To celebrate my mother winning her age group in the Pocono XTerra Trail Run Series, we decided to hit up some wings and cheesesteaks. There was a little ad thingy for Redd’s Ale on our table. Being thirsty and in a celebratory mood, I thought I would order one up to try it out. I ended up really enjoying it.

Where am I going with this? Well, what better time than fall, with the upcoming apple harvest and a glut of racing and woodsy endurance activities, to have a Hard Cider War?

What is best alternative for endurance racing type of folks who aren’t beer fans to sit back and enjoy a manly adult beverage that celebrates the season? I intend to answer that question through a no holds barred, last cider standing taste testing tournament. Check back soon for the first round!

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