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Iron Cross 2012 Bike

1998 Bianchi San Remo

  • size 58 cm frame
  • 25.9 pounds
  • Dedacciai Zero / cromoly tubing
  • Dedacciai chromoly fork
  • 20120705-153852.jpg

  • Salsa in line brake levers
  • Tektro 926 mini v- brake with Problem Solvers travel agent
  • 35 mm Ritchey Speedmax
  • 20120705-155255.jpg

  • Nashbar cantilever brakes
  • 35 mm Ritchey Speedmax
  • 20120705-155347.jpg

  • triple–granny gear is great on steep and loose off road pitches
  • Shimano 520 SPD pedals
  • 20120705-155436.jpg

  • Campagnolo 8 speed drivetrain
  • 20120705-185856.jpg


  • Mavic 36 spoke MA-2’s wrapped in….
  • 20120705-155606.jpg

    I bought this bike as my first “road bike” after riding a mountain bike on the road. Coming from a mountain bike, this pig felt light! Technically, it’s a touring frame, buy there isn’t too much difference in geometry between cross and touring bikes.

    I rode it for awhile, including a tri or two until the opportunity came up to buy an aluminum tri specific bike. This was an enlightenment in bike frame material technology and I realized this frame was in fact not light. The bike was parked for awhile as I acquired a aluminum Bianchi Giro as a daily driver.

    When the opportunity came to try cross, I dusted off the old Bianchi and threw some knobbies on ‘er. She was also pressed into service to carry the baby seat.

    She again got a new lease on life when I signed up for 2012 Iron Cross. I added the mini-v brake up front to reduce fork chatter. Also added the in line levers for shifting weight back on descents. I also changed out handle bars from a Cannondale and seat post from a Trek mountain bike. The seat is from my Bianchi road bike–too plush for the road but great for cross–also matches frame color! Switched out to a shorter quill stem purchased from eBay.

    Estimated Cost

      $200-complete bike, used, LBS
      $35-Speedmax tires
      $17-Fizik handlebar wrap
      $19-brake levers
      $20-brake install and travel agent
      $15-shorter stem
      $25-used pedals
      $16-mini-v brake
      $9 Nashbar canti brake
      Free-seat post
      Free-handle bar

    The Good and the Bad


      Cheap ride
      Steel frame sucks up bumps
      In-line levers are a great addition
      Mini v-brake in front allows me to actually stop
      Very comfortable ride quality
      Ritchey Speedmax are surprisingly good on road (quiet and low rolling resistance) but also decent traction on rocky woods trails


      Hard to find wheels for 8 speed Campy
      Not the most comfortable shifter hoods
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    My 2012 race calendar

    I am thinking about doing most of the races in River Town Race Series. In particular:

    Humdinger 7.1 trail run
    River Town 1/2 marathon
    Tour of Montour (45 mile course)
    Robbins Run
    Cyclocross Series

    My “A” race and focus will be Iron Cross 2012. I will be doing the 50k version.

    I have done the Run for the Diamonds barefoot the last 3 years. I am kind of bored with that race. Not sure if I will be doing it this year. Yawn.

    So, next up is the Humdinger. After a year of being pretty inactive with the new baby arriving last January, I am resuming training with just a few weeks to go. I put on about 20 pounds in 2011. I will be using the River Towns Series to come back to my fighting weight and build some fitness.

    Although I have done the Humdinger two or three times, the venue has totally changed this year. It will be a whole new race for everyone. I believe David has added in more artificial obstacles, but has also provided options to keep the race more of a trail run as well. Sounds like a good way to keep both camps happy. I will be running in my Vibram KSO Treks, as I did last year. The nice thing about this shoe is that it doesn’t hold water when running through mud like a sneaker will; hard part is running downhill on the sharp rocks….ouch!



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