Cobbled Classics Season


Another excerpt from the fine rag calledpeloton to get you stoked for the cobbled classics of Northern Europe.

Rocks have always been revered by sane humans. Skip them, throw them, stack them into walls, build houses out of them, drop them into cannons and roll them down hills. Build pyramids out of them, decorate them, chew on them if you are bad. Paint them, chisel them, put the ones shaped like hearts into your pocket as a gift for someone you love. Ride on them.

The best rocks are the ones found in Belgium and France that shake bikes and bodies and turn riders into children for a few hours, then transforms them into superheroes.

They will rattle us into submission, humble us and push us through to better times.

Note: Photo is of rock wall built by the hands of blog owner, taking away hours of running/riding time.

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