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My 2012 race calendar

I am thinking about doing most of the races in River Town Race Series. In particular:

Humdinger 7.1 trail run
River Town 1/2 marathon
Tour of Montour (45 mile course)
Robbins Run
Cyclocross Series

My “A” race and focus will be Iron Cross 2012. I will be doing the 50k version.

I have done the Run for the Diamonds barefoot the last 3 years. I am kind of bored with that race. Not sure if I will be doing it this year. Yawn.

So, next up is the Humdinger. After a year of being pretty inactive with the new baby arriving last January, I am resuming training with just a few weeks to go. I put on about 20 pounds in 2011. I will be using the River Towns Series to come back to my fighting weight and build some fitness.

Although I have done the Humdinger two or three times, the venue has totally changed this year. It will be a whole new race for everyone. I believe David has added in more artificial obstacles, but has also provided options to keep the race more of a trail run as well. Sounds like a good way to keep both camps happy. I will be running in my Vibram KSO Treks, as I did last year. The nice thing about this shoe is that it doesn’t hold water when running through mud like a sneaker will; hard part is running downhill on the sharp rocks….ouch!



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